Coochy After Shave Protection Powder


Provides Protection & Keeps Intimate Areas Moisture-Free of Perspiration!

  • Made with Skin Soothing & Protection Agents to Guard Skin from Chafing & Absorbs Moisture
  • Mica softest, smoothest natural mineral powder
  • Silica natural powder mineral/conditions skin/heals/treats dry skin/guards against inflammation & skin eruptions
  • Boron Nitride fluffy mineral salt/keeps skin soft & lubricious to prevent chafing/anti-bacterial/ suggested for sensitive skin
  • Zinc Stearate acts to repel moisture & perspiration to keep skin dry/anti-caking agent
  • Aloe Leaf Juice Powder skin soothing, moisturizing agent

Ultra-Smooth Mica Base Absorbs Moisture from Perspiration & Relieves Chafing

  • Specially designed to provide comfort and protection to intimate and bikini area
  • Helps prevent friction chafing to inner thigh area from walking
  • May also be used for other areas of the body such as underarms, breasts, face and body
  • Provides an ultra, silky-smooth comfort layer between clothing & skin
  • Includes aloe vera to protect newly shaven skin & helps relieve itchiness associated with a fresh shave
  • Reduces tenderness & redness plus protects against skin rash
  • Formulated with an ultra-fine mica base to assure the ultimate in softness
  • Use after shaving, bathing or anytime to feel extra fresh & protected
  • Apply with included washable, applicator puff
  • Leaves skin with a luxurious, smooth & silky protective veil
  • Lightly embellished with a white lavender fragrance
  • Jar has built-in sifter, so you get just the right amount of powder each time.

Product Features

  • Paraben-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Made in USA
  • No Animal Testing